What Should Patients Expect during Their Plastic Surgery Consultation?

Dr Sue Thistlethwaite’s goal is to make plastic surgery consultations at her Richmond practice comfortable, low-pressure, and productive for each of her patients.

Cosmetic consultations are long usually 40 to 60 minutes and are often preceded by patients viewing an informative, interactive CD on the desired procedure.

Dr Thistlethwaite believes that the consultation should always be done with the person who is going to actually perform the surgery and who is trained to accurately assess the problem area. Therefore, all preoperative plastic surgery consultations are with the surgeon not a non-surgically trained assistant who is paid to sell the procedure.

The various options to treat the patient’s problem are fully discussed, as are the associated complications and, very importantly, the limitations of surgery.

At the end of the consultation, the patient is given a full and reasonable costing, which includes a fully itemized list of all costs of the procedure. This allows patients to easily see how much Medicare and/or health fund covers and the extent of out-of-pocket expenses. Certain procedures, such as facelift, are considered purely cosmetic and therefore will not be covered; while others, such as breast reduction surgery, are generally covered at least in part. Some, such as breast augmentation, are usually not covered, but may be under certain circumstances.

We also provide patients with photos of previous patients and further written information on the procedure(s) to read at their leisure. Prospective patients are also encouraged to contact previous patients to discuss their desired procedure.

No pressure is applied to patients to proceed with plastic surgery. We advise patients to go away and think about it if they have any doubts. A second consultation is always recommended prior to actually proceeding with the surgery.

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